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What Are The Future Fitness Trends of 2022 & Beyond

A fitness fad is a quick fix and is short-lived. Whereas a fitness trend is long-term and not just in “fashion” for a brief period.

It’s the time to look forward and explore the top future fitness trends that will change the history of fitness forever.

The Rise of Digital Fitness

This is the era of online fitness.

Online apps, live classes, and virtual training programs are the new digital trend.

The fitness app market is predicted to grow at a rate of 21.30% during 2022-2027.

With the exponential growth of technology people are turning to online fitness training classes. Likewise, fitness trainers are propagating the science of yoga, meditation, pilates, barre, aerobic, martial arts, cardio, spinning, circuit-training to a greater number of online audiences. The social media boom has offered an online fitness platform to everyone. People from every corner of the world are leveraging the power of online classes.

Thus, you can do your yoga training with like-minded online friends from all over the world. For instance, If you’re a martial arts coach, you can connect with a sea of martial arts fans on the internet.

The Evolution of At-Home Fitness

The global pandemic has encouraged at-home body-building, weightlifting, treadmill running, and other workouts with internet-connected tools and gym equipment.

Likewise, home fitness gear surges during and after the outbreak. Water bottles and books work as a makeshift weight for those who don't have heavy gym equipment at home.

Further, hiring an at-home in-person trainer is another way to work out safely indoors.

Outdoor Workouts At Safe Public Spaces

Outdoor fitness sessions are the trend.

Outdoor training feels less strenuous. Fresh air alleviates stress and revivifies your mood. Natural light induces vitality. With each exercise step, you’re not only able to build up strength but also uplift your spirits.

Health Orientation in Fitness Programs

People are shifting towards health and wellness. COVID-19 has brought the topic of health into focus. The current episodes of the pandemic have tied health into the forefront of people’s consciousness. 

A recent survey revealed that 51% want to lose fat by exercising and 60% of Americans want to be healthier. Coronavirus has been that powerful psychostimulant endowed with the power of making people health-conscious.

High Hygiene Standards at Gyms

A study of 27 pieces of gym equipment found that without proper hygiene free weights can have 362 times more germs than a toilet seat and likewise the treadmills can have 74 items more bacteria than a tap in a public washroom. Furthermore, customer satisfaction ratings of uncleaned gyms dropped from 83% to 43% and retention rates came down from 90% to 52%.

Now all eyes are on gym cleanliness after the Coronavirus pandemic. It comes as no surprise that gym hygiene is turning into a fitness trend and the sharp smell of cleaning products has been becoming an important part of gyms.

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