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Karate Kids: The Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial arts is also known as healing arts. It tames aggression, hot-headed outbursts, hyperactivity, attention deficit, and autistic symptoms in children.

According to a report from the Sport & Fitness Industry Association, the USA had 6,068,000 total martial arts participants in 2019.

Do Kids Ages 6-11 Benefit From Martial Arts?

Builds Strength & Stamina

Different forms of martial arts classes from karate to kung fu, taekwondo to jiu-jitsu can be intimidating for your child. But just after a few weeks, once your child has found his footing, you will begin to see the difference in his core strength, stamina, speed, balance. As he learns to block, punch, kick you will notice his reflexes getting faster gradually.

Instils Self Discipline and Respect

Martial art is steeped in the golden tradition of realistic goal setting and respecting the teacher and the dojo (classroom). Constant repetition of intricate movements requires dedication and concentration that makes them learn endurance. It is a very structured training system that inculcates discipline in youngsters. They stop misbehaving or acting impulsively both on and off the mat.

Teaches Self Defense

Martial art is a form of weaponless self-defense, involving a set of safety techniques. The original purpose of combat sport was to develop a key skill of self-defense. Karate, jiu-jitsu, and mixed martial arts are very popularly used for this purpose. Fighting Sport is a great way for your kids to feel safer in the world when you’re not there to protect them.

Builds Physical Mental Connection

All of the planned movements of martial arts connect the mind and body. They teach the unity of mind and body, improving focus and life spirits. Combat sports are rooted deep into teaching spiritual development, purpose, and vision.

Improves Fitness

The abundance of screen time has created the trend of physical inactivity among kids. Martial arts can make a big change in how children spend their time. Different moves like kicking, boxing, stretching are good for increasing a child’s energy levels, mobility, emotional well-being, and cardiovascular prowess.

Treats ADHD

Martial art is using both your brain muscles and body muscles at the same time that's why it helps kids with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Thus, children can use combat sports to complement their ADHD medications and can activate their cognitive attention system i.e. frontal cortex, cerebellum, and limbic system.

Channels Aggression

Martial arts redirect your child’s aggression and natural impulses healthily and constructively. Your child will learn to stay calm even in emotionally charged circumstances. A variety of combat sports i.e. Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Judo are best for treating anger and violence in youth.

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