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Is 10,000-Steps a Good Way to Lose Weight?

The idea of 10, 000 steps is a popular fitness goal. The magic number “10,000” is highly successful when it comes to walking daily. 10,000-steps is equivalent to about a 40-60 minute-walk, which would be roughly 5 miles.


Some studies have shown that 10,000 steps a day lowers the risks of diabetes, improves heart health and mental health. This explains why fitness experts always love to stick with this arbitrary number.


Do You Need 10,000 Steps a Day?


An all-important daily target of 10,000 steps could just work best for you. In this day in age, most jobs lead to sedentary lifestyles. So, 10,000 steps a day can be the key to keep you fit and healthy. Simply walking 10,000 steps can help you lose excess weight. If you are looking for a proper weight loss program, or a personal trainer to help you reach your 10,000-step daily goal, check out the services available on FitCentr.