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How Can Yoga Help Tip the Scales in Your Favor?

 Ancient yoga has become an important part of mainstream fitness enthusiasts now. Yoga jumpstarts metabolic activity, helps you pack on killer muscles, tricks your body into flaming out the wicked fats and cuts away extra weight.


Yoga is a fusion of spiritual, physical and mental exercise, which targets mind-body balance. If you are looking for an online or in-person yoga class or a personal yoga instructor, you can check them out FitCentr.


Choosing Active Yoga Poses



Some yoga poses are passive and restorative in nature such as Yin. However, there are many active types of yoga such as Vinyasa, Power, Ashtanga, and more. All these yoga styles are weight-bearing and require use of all your muscles. They not only increase strength but also burn calories, equivalent to a brisk walk.


Yoga can offer you that athletic fix that you might be looking for. Incorporating different types of styles of yoga can give you that missing piece you need to stay fit.

Yoga is a fatigue buster, and it serves as an efficient aerobic activity as well. Likewise, here below are some other the benefits of yoga:


●      Trims belly fat

●      Calms the mind

●      Assists diabetics

●      Perks up digestion

●      Improves flexibility

●      Helps the body detox

●      Regulates sugar levels

●      Makes the spine flexible

●      Works out the entire body

●      Charges up the blood flow

●      Stimulates the thyroid gland

●      Strengthens muscles & joints

●      Reduces anxiety and depression

●      Improves liver function


De-Stressing Through Yoga Poses


Higher fat levels mean unbalanced cortisol levels and unhealthy glucose levels, leading to higher stress levels and irritability. That is where you need yoga. For instance, Hatha yoga can help you relax because it combines yoga poses with breathing exercises.


Once you start yoga, as your body burns fat, your stress levels will normalize.

Yoga Promotes Discipline


It takes discipline to stick to a proper workout plan. Yoga teaches focus and discipline. Discipline is one of the core ingredients to holding yoga poses for longer lengths of time, with the correct posture. After a yoga class, you will want to focus on your health all around. A yoga routine can translate into adopting better diet, sleep pattern and brain function.


Yoga as an Active Rest


Generally, athletes are recommended to take “active” recovery days. This is where yoga fits that bill.


Active recovery can be achieved through a restorative type of yoga, called Hatha yoga. This type of yoga is not taxing on the injured muscles. It gets the muscles moving slowly, opening joints, stimulating blood circulation and promotes healing of the injured muscles. It also releases joint stiffness, creates tissue alignment, corrects muscle imbalance and increases range of motion. Yoga recovers the body and helps you get optimal results.

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