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Fun At-Home Workouts for Kids

Exercise is synonymous with playing for kids.

Exercise for a child is more of a fun than a workout.

The “Exercise Play” aims for a child's fitness, speed, strength, agility, and overall athleticism.

Exercise from a young age makes children active and helps cultivate a good workout habit that will last a life-time. Likewise, youth fitness programs listed on FitCentr focus on developing a good form.

Warm-Up Exercise for Kids

Before exercise kids must do a simple warm-up routine. A good warm-up offers muscle flexibility and injury prevention.

A simple walk or a march or a jog serves as a good warm-up activity for kids. Besides:

●       Add zig zags.

●       Add a side-to-side movement pattern.

Fun Workout Games

Crab Walk: builds your child’s core and arm strength. Start by teaching your child to sit on the floor with knees bent, feet flat, planting both hands on the ground behind the back. Set up fun challenges to keep your child moving in this pose.

Bear Crawl: is walking on all fours facing down the floor. The bear crawl is the opposite of crab crawl.

Race: start by setting up a finishing line and then have your kids take the challenge for a fun run, crab crawl, or bear crawl to the gaol.

Superman Flying Pose: lie facedown, with your arms and legs stretched out. Slowly raise your arms and legs as though you are flying. Hold the pose for 5 seconds then lower.

Simpler Movements

Some gentler, slower movements are always the best workout options. Including:

●       Skip, Jump, Roll [Repeat for 5 seconds]

●       Lateral shuffle, push-up, cut [Repeat for 5 seconds]

●       Squat, Gallop, Spin [Repeat for 5 seconds]

●       Run, Stop, Accelerate [Repeat for 5 seconds]

You can customize your child’s workout routine to suit their needs. Instruct children how to perform a particular movement.


Jumps build muscles, tendons, ligaments, and increase cardiovascular endurance of kids.

An example of anaerobic exercise for kids is jumping on a trampoline.

Further, some fun jumps for kids are as follows:

Criss-Cross Feet Jump: Jump straight up with your legs wide, landing on your feet crossed.

One-Foot Hops: Lift right knee, jump on the left standing leg.

Tuck Jumps: Jump while bending knees.

Star Jump: Stretch out legs and arms like a starfish and jump. Land with feet closed and arms at the sides.


Skipping is a HIIT [high-intensity interval training] workout game for kids with a lot of fun. It is best for burning calories and a child’s motor skill development.

Some fun skipping games for kids include:

Jumping Rope: you can make your kids competitive by encouraging them to complete a certain number of jump rope skips in a set amount of time.

Obstacle Course: build an obstacle course to skip over. You can set up a simple obstacle course with everyday household items like blankets or cushions. Then, time the kids and turn it into a competitive game to see who can jump over an obstacle course fastest.

Hopscotch Game: Outline a series of rectangles on the ground through chalk. Then let your child throw an object into a square and jump, hop or skip through the squares and pick the object.

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