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1:1, Bootcamp, or Group Training? What to Choose?

You can opt for group or solo workouts based on your fitness goals, body type, health condition, weight, power, strength, agility, flexibility, and other factors directly influencing your workout plan.

Besides, If you're looking for a workout plan perfectly tailored to your personal preferences, you can check out  FitCentr for further assistance. Moreover, if you’re confused between choosing a solo or a group workout plan, here below is a quick guide for you.

Why Choose 1:1 Personal Training?

Having a personal trainer or coach helps you reach your fitness goals faster. Your personal instructor can demonstrate the correct technique and posture of a particular exercise. You can't beat expert’s advice to charge up your daily workout sessions. The benefits of a personal fitness instructor are unquestionable, especially when you’re new to a fitness routine and when you’re recovering from an injury. Your instructor can encourage you to try out new workouts and new exercise moves.

Here’re some reasons why you should choose a personal instructor:

●      It’s easy to turn off the workout alarm when you're on your own. With your personal trainer, you don't have to deal with your blaring alarm alone.

●      You can set realistic personal fitness goals and lifelong workout habits.

●      Your personal instructor can help you realize that workout is the part of your life, not just a daily task to check off your to-do list.

If you are someone who is just going to embark on your fitness journey, you may start with hiring a personal instructor. Ask yourself if you enjoy being around new people. If you don't like crowds, it's best to choose solo workout routines or a personal instructor instead of pushing yourself to the absolute limits. On the contrary, if you’re a social butterfly and perform better in group settings, you should go for group training.

Why Choose Working Out With A Group?

 A study published in the Social Sciences journal reveals that during group training people tend to gravitate toward the workout behaviors of other participants. People who spend time with their fit friends feel more motivated to stay fit.

Here are some of the reasons why people choose to work out with a crowd:

●      Positive peer pressure keep people inspired and motivated

●      Some people need other people to get their energy for starting a workout plan

●      Group workouts enhance consistency and duration of the exercise because it involves commitment

●      People tend to push themselves harder because they don't want to be the weakest in the group when it comes to fitness

●      Group training keeps people on the fitness track because they are less likely to skip the workout sessions

●      Having a certain group waiting for a workout give people a sense of accountability

●      Seeing that others can do a difficult workout move inspire people to do the same

Why Choose Boot Camp Workout?

A boot camp workout falls under the category of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Boot camp training is modeled on old-school military fitness training, including an intense mix of aerobic exercise, workouts similar to those of yoga and pilates, multi-joint exercises, and stretch training. One training session may focus on military-style drills, while another focuses on bodyweight exercise (calisthenics). Further, calisthenics include crunches, lunges, squats, pullups, pushups, drills, and sprints.

The goal of a boot camp workout is to build strength, focus, and aerobic endurance.

People are attached to boot camp workouts because:

●      Provides everyone with fun, challenging, and varied workouts

●      Develops a sense of connection amongst participants

●      Balances the amount of muscles versus fat in your body

Signing Up For A Boot Camp Workout Class

Before signing up for a boot camp class, ask yourself:

●      Is it the right class for my fitness goals?

●      Have I established the basic level of strength, and can my body endure vigorous activity?

●      What is the expertise of the boot camp instructor?

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