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Oct 1

1:1, Bootcamp, or Group Training? What to Choose?

You can opt for group or solo workouts based on your fitness goals, body type, health condition, weight, power, strength, agility, flexibility, and other factors directly influencing your workout plan.

Oct 1

4-Week Fat-Burning Meal Plan to Shed Extra Weight

DYK, 80% of weight loss is diet. The 80/20 weight loss rule requires you to focus on an 80% nutrition plan and a 20% exercise plan, experts say. Want to shred body fat? Here’s your complete fun-food guide to get shredded.

Oct 1

Karate Kids: The Benefits of Martial Arts

Martial arts is also known as healing arts. It tames aggression, hot-headed outbursts, hyperactivity, attention deficit, and autistic symptoms in children.

Aug 23

Fun At-Home Workouts for Kids

The “Exercise Play” aims for a child's fitness, speed, strength, agility, and overall athleticism. Exercise from a young age makes children active and helps cultivate a good workout habit that will last a life-time. Likewise, youth fitness programs listed on FitCentr focus on developing a good for

Aug 17

10 Trendy At-Home Workout Moves

Like all machinery, your muscles need fuel. Daily at-home workout provides your muscles with fuel, conditioning your heart, lungs, and blood vessels to deliver oxygen to your muscle cells effectively.

Aug 13

Everything You Need to Know About Stretching

It is key to stretch your body so that it can function at its optimum level. It is also a fundamental factor of fitness programs and physical therapy treatment plans.

Aug 12

What Are The Future Fitness Trends of 2022 & Beyond

A fitness fad is a quick fix and is short-lived. Whereas a fitness trend is long-term and not just in “fashion” for a brief period. It’s the time to look forward and explore the top future fitness trends that will change the history of fitness forever.

Aug 10

Regular Exercise Boosts Your Immune System

Epidemiological evidence suggests a strong link between exercise and immunity. Just as a study of 1000+ men and women found that people who walk more are 43% less likely to get sick.

Aug 9

Why Being Fit Helps With Chronic Disease Management

Inactivity is the 4th global cause of death. Years ago the world was fighting against juvenile malnutrition, “the protein gap” thinking about how to feed the population.

Jul 30

What Fitness Routine Can Improve Your Life?

Exercise is the miracle cure. View exercise as a is a free health pill. You need your daily dose of exercise to optimize your health. It is scientifically proven that exercise reduces the risks of heart diseases, cancer, stroke, diabetes and even early death.

Jul 28

How Can Yoga Help Tip the Scales in Your Favor?

Ancient yoga has become an important part of mainstream fitness enthusiasts now. Yoga jumpstarts metabolic activity, helps you pack on killer muscles, tricks your body into flaming out the wicked fats and cuts away extra weight.

Jul 26

Is 10,000-Steps a Good Way to Lose Weight?

The idea of 10, 000 steps is a popular fitness goal. The magic number “10,000” is highly successful when it comes to walking daily. 10,000-steps is equivalent to about a 40-60 minute-walk.

Jul 23

Things to Know Before You Plan for Your Gym Return

Going back to the gym for the first time? Your first experience at the gym can be a little intimidating. It may be crowded, and you may not want to use particular tools and gym equipment.

Jul 19

How to Stay Healthy when You are Working from Home

Keeping yourself healthy when working from home is a challenge that needs a proper plan.

Jul 14

Walking Longer Distances vs. Running Shorter Distances

Running and walking can make you feel better, think better, and live better.

Jun 28

Continuous Exercise Will Change Your Body & Calm Your Mind

Continuous exercise adds years to your life and gives you a healthier body and happier mind. Likewise, a regular exercise program improves cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, body flexibility, and mental relaxation, just to name a few benefits. Whether you are searching for the motiv

Jun 22

Fitness Trends You Need to Try in 2021

The global pandemic has paused our lives and disrupted our regular exercise routines, such as going to the gym, for most of 2020 and 2021. That is why home workout trends are hitting peak popularity.

Jun 15

How to Build Muscle at Home

Has the global pandemic barricaded you in your home and kept you from building muscle? No worries, you can adopt a new workout regime by finding the perfect home workout app or personal trainer on FitCentr.

Jun 10

4-Week Yoga & Pilates Programs on FitCentr

The 4-week Yoga & Pilates programs you can find on FitCentr are set to build muscle and balance your mind and body. You can discover 30-day workout programs, online classes, virtual training sessions, the best workout apps, yoga studios, pilates studios, and gyms that promote yoga and pilates.

Jun 7

Mental Health and Exercise

A lack of physical activity screws up mental health. There are hidden links between inactivity and mental illness. Exercise proves to be the best way of biologically toughening up the human brain.